At Culinary Agents, we believe that through skills talent are able to showcase their potential and businesses are able to assess hiring fit. Over the years we have invested heavily in understanding which skills are required for specific positions based on data we’ve gathered from employers in the hospitality industry.

Historically, the ability to search for jobs has been focused largely on job titles. As the industry continues to evolve, there has been a shift in focus where a skills-based approach is proving more useful for job discovery and career advancement. 

Employers are now placing an emphasis on skills targeting when recruiting, opening them up to a broader pool of talent who may not have the traditional prerequisite roles, but possess sought-after, transferable skills. As a result, job seekers need to present their skills in addition to their experience to be considered strong candidates to employers.

To help connect the industry’s talent and hiring businesses, we have curated a skills database sourced from thousands of hospitality job descriptions and requirements. This database has been further organized by industry-specific categories and includes 20,000+ skills.

Top-Level Skill Categories for the Hospitality Careers:

Job Seekers - Enhance Your Digital Profile by Showcasing Your Skills

Your Culinary Agents profile acts as your digital resume and has a dedicated Skills section. Updating this section allows you to be more easily discovered by employers and matched to opportunities that require your skillset. By adding your previous work/training experience to your profile, we will suggest skills using our proprietary technology. Then we will match you to job opportunities with employers who are seeking these skills (if you choose to opt-in to our match feature).


Hiring Employers - Specify Skills to Connect with the Right Candidates for Your Team

When posting jobs on Culinary Agents, select and add skills to your job descriptions so that we are able to match you with the most relevant candidates. We will provide you with suggested skills based on the position you are hiring for as well as commonly requested skills used in jobs posted by your team.