Today's hospitality teams are looking beyond the traditional resume when considering who is the best fit not only for specific positions but also for their company culture. For some insight, we asked industry leaders what they look for in applicants.


“I look for enthusiasm and willingness to learn, when hiring. Even in the position that I am in, I am enthusiastic and always looking to learn, every day I go to work. I think it’s important to always be learning and growing and enthusiastic about it.”

Tara Bryan, Senior Culinary Director at Jean-Georges Management


“Teaching someone to cook is only a part of hiring the right individual, it is extremely important to have a team player who is willing to work effectively and efficiently with all other members.”

Mohamed Wahiba, Chef / Pizzaiolo at Altamarea Group


“Hiring is perhaps the single greatest challenge our industry has faced since the pandemic. One key thing for me is attitude. There's a saying, “you hire for attitude and train for skills.” It's very true.”

Julian Hakim, President of Shōwa Hospitality


“When hiring, I look for individuals with a strong work ethic, adaptability, a continuous learning mindset and a positive attitude."

Kutina Ruhumbika, Chief People Officer at Levain Bakery


“When hiring, I look to see if candidates have a passion for hospitality and are excited to learn. If so, they can build their knowledge and skill set to successfully handle any role. I also highly value proactive individuals. Self-starters are invaluable.”

Jonny Barr, Founder of Molti Amici


“The most important thing I look for when hiring is attitude. If you're excited to learn, I'll teach you everything I know. The right attitude will always win over experience for me.”

Saura Kline, Executive Pastry Chef at Halcyon Hotel


“When hiring, I look for: (1) The ability to listen before responding. (2) The ability to accept and correct mistakes. (3) Sense of urgency. I hate hearing, "I was just about to do that." (4) Self-motivation.”

Gregory Collier, Chef / Owner of Leah & Louise