Maintaining a great flow under high intensity and sometimes unpredictable circumstances can break many people, but for hospitality professionals, it’s what drives them. Service is a time-boxed activity where teamwork is essential, so it's no wonder that our job data points to it being one of the hospitality industry's most in-demand skills.  And despite the present uncertainties, it remains certain that being a great teammate will contribute to your short and long term success regardless of what you do.

Pro-tips for being a great teammate:

  • Be reliable and responsible - hold yourself and others accountable to the team

  • Show genuine commitment - a positive attitude and your supporting actions can be very telling

  • Always be ready to help - be flexible and proactive

  • Actively listen - seek to understand and communicate clearly

  • Build trust - be transparent in your words and actions

  • Support and respect others - be self-aware of how you’re treating others

  • Be a problem solver - focus on solutions and think creatively