Left-brain or right-brain, male or female - being able to see the hospitality industry through a kaleidoscopic lens provides you with a useful approach to gaining a more well-rounded perspective. These female leaders share their own words of wisdom for continual career growth.


"If I could go back ten years, I would tell myself to slow down and pay more attention to detail. It's not about what the finish line looks like, it's all about experience along the way. Classic tortoise and the hare story."

Nadine Donovan, Executive Pastry Chef at Ace Eat Serve & Ace Juice Bar in Denver

"Does doing what we do come without challenges? Not at all. But, being a part of the solution and the positive, creative force is a good place to be. There is a lot of chaos to embrace and multitasking to achieve, but it is fun and a good challenge."

Shelley Lindgren, Co-Owner and Wine Director of A16 in San Francisco and Rockridge as well as SPQR in San Francisco

"Never take or leave a job because of one person - that person could be gone and you’ll miss out on the opportunity."

Nancy Cushman, Co-Owner and Founder of Cushman Concepts, in New York City and Boston

"Attitude – I think it’s one of the most important things to master. To always have the attitude and be curious to constantly learn is something very valuable to me."

Maneet Chauhan, President and Founding Partner of Morph Hospitality in Nashville

"From a management perspective, you must lead by example daily; put aside your personal issues and leave them at the door."

Stephanie Castellucci, Proprietor and General Manager of Castellucci Hospitality Group in Atlanta