As with many aspects of life, your career path may not be linear. There may be some detours and unexpected turns along the way. Rest assured, you are not alone in this journey. Many of today's industry leaders have made shifts of their own.

Click the names to view the details of their paths and see what roles they had to get them to where they are now.

  • Téa Ivanovic: Investment Analyst at Capstone LLC → Co-Founder & COO of Immigrant Food

  • Jake Wade: Infantry Squad Leader at US Army → Director of Private Event Sales at Fearless Restaurants

  • Rebecca Turnbull: Outreach & Volunteer Coordinator of Bay Area Jewish Music Festival → Chef / Owner of Little Star Pastry

  • Felipe Donnelly: Advertising at Ogilvy → Culinary Director & Managing Partner at Co. Hospitality (Colonia Verde, Comodo & Comparti)

  • Megan McGannon: Marketing Assistant at Digital Eye Media → Service Director & Head Sommelier at Lazy Bear

  • Peter Kim: Emerson Hunger Fellow at Congressional Hunger Center → Host & Creator of Counterjam Podcast at Food52 and Head of Creator Partnerships, North America at Pinterest

  • Michelle Herndon: Production Manager & Sales Account Executive at Blue Music & Sound Design → Director of Diversity & Community at Boka Restaurant Group