Summer will be here sooner than you think. If your work-life balance goals include working near a beach, lake, or in a new city, May through August, now is the time to start your preparations. Here are seven tips for utilizing the Culinary Agents platform to help you get your winter-self ready for summer season.


Get Noticed

First things first, if you haven’t been keeping your profile up-to-date now is the time to fill-in the missing details; add your relevant work experiences and skills/techniques you’ve mastered.  These updates will ensure you are applying to jobs with your current information and will connect you to other opportunities through our matching technology, ultimately getting you in front of more employers.

Tell Us Where You're Willing to Relocate

By adding cities in the Location section under Job Preference in your Settings, your Culinary Agents profile will let businesses know where you will move for the right opportunity. Plus, updating this section will help us help you; we will be able to match you to career opportunities in the cities where you are willing to relocate.


Save Time Searching, Create Job Alerts

Your email preferences can keep you in-the-know and inform you as soon as restaurants post new opportunities that match your career and location interests. Setting up Job Alerts and Event Alerts is super easy and will help you avoid Summer Job FOMO. Also, adding cities to your Events Alerts, will allow us to notify you when Open Calls and other industry events are happening in each one.


Get In Front of Employers Before Others Do

If you have a specific business in mind, you can let the employers know you are interested in working with them, even if there aren’t currently any openings that you feel are a good fit. By clicking the "I Want To Work Here" button on the restaurant's profile page, you’ll be able to directly message the hiring team and initiate the conversation.  


Apply, Apply, Apply

We’ve made applying to jobs easy.  Not only will your Culinary Agents profile help with your job search, but it can also serve as your resume for potential employers.  In addition to your profile, you can attach a PDF or Word Document to your application.

Pro-tip: You can save these files for easy access when applying to future opportunities.


Stand Out With Your Cover Letter

Whether it’s been a while or it is the first time you have applied for a job, including a cover letter can often seem daunting and is known to cause a lot of unneeded stress. Your cover letter is the perfect way for you to customize each application, so take the time now to work on it.  If you are experiencing writers' block, here are some pointers to help you get through it so that you can present your best self to hiring managers.

Crush Your Interview

The last step to lock-in your best summer yet is acing your interview. In addition to showcasing that you have the skills necessary, your interview is your time to shine and to show in-person how you are compatible with the existing team and culture. Make sure to prepare so you can put your best foot forward and make a great first impression.   

Even with summer jobs often only lasting a finite amount of time, the possibilities can be endless; you can gain new experiences and skills to add to your resume while having a lot of fun, plus a chance to meet new people and try new places. That "summer job" may even lead to a new career or a full-time opportunity, so start planning for it now! 


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