Hospitality has long been viewed as a welcoming workplace for anyone looking to build a career or make a stop during times of transition. Regardless of where your career path takes you, time spent in this industry will help you hone foundational skills for success in any future role. We understand that your career goals, your priorities – and the hospitality industry itself – are constantly evolving. As a result, we’ve designed our site to meet you where you are today to help you get where you want to go tomorrow as well as years from now. Our platform provides features for you to pick and choose from for achieving your short-term and long-term career goals. Here are effective next steps to start building your future while leveraging what you’ve gained during your time in the hospitality industry:


Set Yourself Up for Success Link to Article 

Your Culinary Agents profile allows you to curate and update your personal brand online in a professional and streamlined format that makes it easy for employers to view a snapshot of your prior experience and evolving skill set.

Explore Opportunities Link to Article 

Utilize your job dashboard and the jobs page to explore opportunities based on your career goals and interests, summarized all on one convenient hub to save you time in your job search.

Get Discovered Link to Article 

Easily apply to jobs and directly follow up with hiring managers about opportunities with a few clicks.