Attracting the best candidate should always be a top priority when drafting your job post. And while this goal is ideal, the actual creation of such a job post can feel daunting. Here are some tips for elevating your employer brand and clearly communicating your job opportunity to eager and talented professionals.


Job Title

Use a clear and specific job title. Non-traditional titles may confuse your audience. Stick to standard experience descriptions like “Senior” or “Executive” rather than Rockstar, Ninja, Unicorn, or other terms people are likely to be confused by.
Pro-tip: To simplify this process, when posting on Culinary Agents, we offer an extensive list of job titles. We also offer you the option to customize your title if you prefer.

Job and Company Summary

It is important to grab the attention of potential candidates and then keep it. Include a summary that explains what makes your company culture unique, expectations of the position you are hiring for and growth opportunities, as well as benefits and other perks your team provides. 
Pro-tip: Upload photos to the gallery of your business profile, as these images will also appear on your job posts.


Make sure to outline the positions core responsibilities and duties that may be unique to your organization and/or the position. For example, if you have an opportunity for an “Event Manager” and the position requires the candidate to be able to promote, sell, and run an event, include these details in the description to help potential candidate understand what is required of them.
Pro-tip: Using bullets to format these tasks and activities often makes for an easier read.

Required Skills

Your job description should specify education, previous job experience, certifications, and any other skills that are needed as pre-requisites for the role. To ensure a cultural fit, include personal traits that are important to your company (e.g., “attention to detail”, “works well in teams”).


While it is common to omit wage info, this omission can have a major impact on applicants. A study by SMART Recruit Online found that companies have seen an increase in candidates -- up to 30 percent -- when they included wage information.
Pro-tip: Include a range or starting salary in your job posts to attract candidates who are serious about joining your team.