Whether you are an essential worker with a daily commute or you are currently at-home, podcasts continue to be a great way to consume news, learn new things and even find some on-demand entertainment that doesn't require turning on the TV.  Here are some podcasts that are catering to the new norm for the hospitality industry as well as society as a whole.


Andrew Talks to Chefs

With his personal relationships and industry knowledge, Andrew Friedman interviews a diverse cross-section of culinary leaders, coaxing personal and professional revelations from his guests.

Apple's Podcast Channel for COVID-19

Apple has created a channel to easily access shows across all types of genres with topics that are related to COVID-19, including among others, the latest news, help for surviving shelter in place, mental health resources, science, and economic impact.


Chef Radio Podcast

From important life lessons in the workplace and the relevance of great leadership in the kitchen to the responsibilities we now have to protect our foodways, Chef Eli Kulp interviews guests who have helped shape the way we eat in America today, in an inspirational and informative format.


Coronavirus Daily Briefing

The Coronavirus Morning Report from Ride Home Media provides short, 15-minute, daily reports on the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) to keep you up-to-date on what is happening during this pandemic. 


Heritage Radio Network

The network for eaters and thinkers, offers a wide variety of podcasts on the food industry which are now focusing episodes on life during COVID-19 (e.g., All In The IndustryOpening SoonTech Bites, What Doesn't Kill You, etc.).


Life Kit

Life Kit from NPR talks with experts about a myriad of topics (e.g., sleep, saving money, parenting and many others), to offer listeners the best advice out there on being a human and in the hopes of helping us all get it together.


The New Corner Office

The New Corner Office podcast, shares strategies for thriving in this new and more self-directed world of working from home. The daily episodes feature quick tips and answers to listeners' questions. 


Spotify's Podcast Playlists

Spotify has released hand-curated roundups including "Best Podcasts of the Week" with top podcast episodes ranging from news and comedy to true crime and sports, as well as "Fodder for Foodies" that serves up the full menu of tales and conversation from the world of food and "Brain Snacks" which offers factoids in easily digestible episodes of 20 minutes or less.


Take Away Only

FreeTime Media's emergency podcast about the hospitality industry in crisis is hosted by journalist Howie Kahn. Each episode, Howie speaks with hospitality professionals from all over the world as they continue to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Through their stories, listeners can gain valuble insights into how COVID-19 is impacting the industry, find some inspiration and learn a bit more about the passionate professionals that serve the rest of the community.


The Way We Live Now

Hosted by Dani Shapiro,“The Way We Live Now”, is a series of intimate conversations with an assortment of guests about how every day people are navigating their lives during this time when we’re all isolated at home and looking for connections.