As COVID-19 guidelines continue to evolve in cities around the country, many restaurants and hotels are creating playbooks to redefine their operations. Along with these heightened measures, many have introduced new positions to ensure the safety of their guests and staff. 

These new roles are growing in demand across the country and include:

  • Bathroom Sanitizers
  • Cleaning Attendants
  • Door Saftey Managers
  • Hygiene Officers
  • Safety Czars
  • Safety Managers

With safety and sanitization as the top priorities, you can expect requirements for these jobs to include: 

  • Enforce new operational guidance and protocols
  • Obtain hygiene and cleanliness certification
  • Oversee disinfecting and infectious disease prevention and training techniques
  • Conduct daily check-ins and temperature checks on employees (and in some cases, guests)
  • Inspect staging, egress and common areas for compliance with social distancing requirements
  • Maintain daily COVID-19 safety reporting/ logs for the project record
  • Serving as the primary resource for any COVID-19 related questions