Lauren DeSteno

Lauren DeSteno

Corporate Executive Chef at Altamarea Group, Executive Chef at Marea & Ai Fiori

Take the good qualities/philosophies of previous bosses with you, add them to your management toolbox. Be sure to leave behind the negative qualities.

Implementing a zero-waste program and achieving zero waste shortly thereafter has been a highlight of my career (so far).
In this business, there are going to be issues and requests that come up over and over again, every single day. Guests will always make specials requests…you do the best you can to satisfy them and move on. If not, you will make yourself crazy. When things are not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, you need to let them go. It's not worth getting angry over (what are actually) trivial things.
The one thing I can’t live without in order to do my job is a cake tester.
My first job in the culinary world was for a catering company owned by a woman named Lucia Walsh. She taught me so much about taking care of employees, hospitality for guests and the work ethic it takes to be successful. She put a lot of trust and faith in me and I never wanted to let her down. She was a force.
When hiring, I look for a team player most of all; you need someone who will do whatever it takes to get the team across the finish line. That may mean washing dishes for service if your dishwasher is out. No one is above any role. Also, someone who is a fast learner, a patient teacher and can be honest when they make a mistake.
I find inspiration in travel, eating out, family recipes and cookbooks.
When it comes to self-care, I regularly do Gyrotonics.

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