Ballyhoo Hospitality

Chicago, IL


Founded in 2018 after a combined 35 years in the business by husband-and-wife partners Ryan and Anna O’Donnell—he’s a veteran restaurateur and chef, she’s the operations director, and between them they have worked just about every restaurant position there is—Ballyhoo Hospitality champions the qualities that make a neighborhood restaurant great. The heart-felt greeting when you walk in the door, service that makes you feel cared for and a warm ambiance that encourages you to relax. Whether it’s the American-inspired cuisine at Gemini, the southern Italian favorites at Coda di Volpe, or the neighborhood Mexican cantina that is Old Pueblo, Ballyhoo restaurants offer thoughtful, inspired food and drinks that satisfy in memorable ways again and again. We don’t have customers at Ballyhoo Hospitality restaurants, we have guests. Welcome to our home.

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