Alon Shaya

Alon Shaya

Founder & Owner of Pomegranate Hospitality

I think that people are motived, inspired and educated when they have a seat at the table for deciding on what changes can be made for the betterment of the entire team. We work hard at setting a structure for our organization so that each of our team members can pursue professional and personal growth.

The most Important lesson I have learned throughout my career is to surround yourself with people who share in your values. Very few businesses are run by one person. Ensure that you are leading your decisions through your values and not because of your talents.
When hiring, we look for nice people first and foremost. We look for people who believe in empowering the people around them, people who are respectful and have a positive attitude. It's important to us that we hire people who are passionate about hospitality and believe in fairness for all. We want to work with team members who value education, who are reliable to their colleagues and who believe that an organized workplace is the best way to succeed. These are the core values of Pomegranate Hospitality and they are the pillars in how we decide who we want to surround ourselves with.
We focus heavily on empowering our team to share their values with the people around them. We love learning about cooking dishes that inspire us, and working with vendors, artisans and ingredients that excite us.
In order to do my job, I could not live without my wife and partner, Emily Shaya.
I make time for balance and I invest and structure our organization so we can achieve it. Spending time with my family is more important to me than my job. Build a structure in which balance can be achieved, even if it means letting go a little and trusting more. If you are surrounded by the right people, balance will lead to success and profitability.
Seeing our team members grow are the moments that I feel the most pride and motivation. I am inspired by watching the people around me enjoy what they do and feel that they can achieve their goals while working within Pomegranate Hospitality.
I like to read and travel. I also ask lots of questions and never believe that I have something completely figured out. I keep an open mind and I'm always listening when I feel there is something I want to know more about.

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