Sylva Senat

Sylva Senat

Chef Partner at Senat & Co

In this Industry, it’s a day-by-day scenario with clear drive and passion. As with any artist or craftsman learning a new technique, a new vegetable or a new dish, you know that one day it will come time for you to paint and show your own industry's craft on your own canvas.

In the beginning of my career, C-CAP helped me get a position at Aquavit. The best advice I've received was from Marcus Samuelsson when leaving Aquavit for Jean-Georges. He said, "Remember when going into a new kitchen that you have to work twice as hard, and you have to grow to be the best in the kitchen and each kitchen you enter from now on."
I wish I had known 10 years ago: when it comes to knives, skip everything and invest in Japanese steel.
At the Sign of the Dove (another position I found through C-CAP), we learned that perfection takes patience and, most of all, passion. Thank you, Chef Andrew D'Amico.
During tough times, I was motivated by the thought of continuing my education and learning how to operate my own restaurant group.
My best intern/externship experience was when I won a scholarship to go to the Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon, France. Thanks to a Chef Daniel Boulud/C-CAP Scholarship, I spent a couple of months in France, Lyon attending the school as a student and couple weeks in the actual Paul Bocuse kitchen. After a 3 week period of time, the graduating class dinner ceremony was at Paul Bocuse, where we got to meet him in person.

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