Jen Hidinger-Kendrick

Jen Hidinger-Kendrick

Co-Founder & Spokesperson at The Giving Kitchen

If you are willing to do something to help someone, you have to give away time and energy. Perseverance is the most important part of it.

My favorite quote is by my late husband, Ryan Hidinger: "Anything long-lasting or worthwhile takes time and complete surrender."
One of my mentors taught me the art of editing my life one task at a time. It taught me to live authentically, be present in every interaction.
My time at Seed Factory, the children’s store where I worked for almost 10 years was very creative. I was able to build with my hands and work heavily on design.
I fell in love with the restaurant industry by proxy, as a chef’s wife, as I followed and supported my husband’s career. Seeing the restaurant world through his eyes was really motivating.
We have our team participate in a mandatory family meal every day at 3.30pm. It allows everyone to take their thought process away for a few minutes and builds the team. Once a week, we offer feedback and updates on how The Giving Kitchen is progressing.
I like to break away during my free time. I love attending Creative Mornings events. When you work so much in it, you forget how to find your way.
Team Hidi has become the largest fundraiser event for The Giving Kitchen. Our goal is that by the end of 2019, we are all over Georgia, and a few years from now, in the Southeast. It’s remarkable how fast it has grown, we just hit our 1000th grantee (as of December 2017).
Having the ability to adapt to your market when running a business is highly important. You also need to be steadfast and be an expert at troubleshooting.

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