Amy Racine

Amy Racine

Beverage Director of JF Restaurants

I knew this industry was for me when I was taking wine classes in culinary school. I am a curious person, and I realized then that on this side of the industry, I could dive deep into any number of aspects of food, wine, and beverage and never reach the bottom. This profession also allows me to stay involved with my first love, food and cooking. I am in constant communication with our chefs, working with them to create exciting and unique beverage pairings for their dishes.

The attitude I look for when hiring is a general sense of hospitality. When interviewing, I look for someone who is smiling, makes eye contact, has taken the time to prepare, and comes across genuinely excited to be there. All the other pieces of information on the resume are a bonus.
The people we bring on board at JF Restaurants are often self-motivated, and we've been able to build a team that feeds off the energy and ideas of one another. The team's natural interest and knowledge of the industry keeps the restaurant full of new and exciting ideas, and allows us to learn from each other.
Having a membership to Guildsomm is an excellent resource for all wine and beverage information. Even if you aren't pursuing certification, it's a fantastic resource.
I find inspiration from spending time with the people on our front and back of the house teams as well as from traveling.
I'm excited by the trend in lower ABV cocktails. Starting with a high alcohol martini or classic cocktail can destroy your palate going into a great meal. I think starting with lower ABV cocktails can enhance the guest's dining experience.
At JF Restaurants, everyone is there to help and take care of each other; it's a fun, high energy, and supportive environment. We have constant communication with each other, which keeps us up to speed on the guests we have in house, their preferences, and where they are in dinner.

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