Alexander Burger

Alexander Burger

Former Executive Chef at The Amsterdam

I find inspiration primarily through the seasons and ingredients. I also find it in the people around me, my travels, my chefs, and my staff. I live and breathe the food culture every day and if you’re not inspired by that, then you are not in the right industry.

There are three recurring themes throughout my career that I was taught early on and have had a direct impact on my growth: consistency, organization, and composure.
I come from a chef's perspective but I had to become involved in the FOH to really understand how to successfully run the business.
We want people to continue to grow and better themselves. We hire individuals who share the same passion about farming and hospitality as we do, and who chose to be in this industry. They also have to be driven and always looking to better their craft.
Some positions require skilled people, but what I really look for is what’s in their hearts and in their minds. That trumphs experience in my book.
Stay humble!
Danny Meyer’s "Setting the Table", truly sets the stage for making the team feel appreciated and special. It is a great guideline when forming your business’ culture.
Deciding to be in the hospitality industry can be a tough decision to make. It’s all about learning your craft, how to deliver it, and your commitment to it.
Those that can accept constructive criticism will succeed. It shows that you are being honest with yourself and helps you with your career development and strengthening your skills .
I started working at a young age. My first job was washing dishes and I was really good at it because I was very meticulous. In that kitchen was the first time I saw fresh herbs and foraged mushrooms, and it was at that moment when I knew this was the industry I belonged in, and I’ve never looked back.

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