RAS Plant Based

New York, NY


Behind Ras Plant Based are the dynamic duo, Chef Romeo and Milka Regalli. Their path to plant-based cuisine began in childhood, shaped by familial influences and a deep-seated respect for the culinary arts. The turning point came with a family health crisis - a challenge that awakened them to the healing powers of plant-based living.

Today, Ras stands as a tribute to this awakening and their Ethiopian heritage, reinterpreted through a vibrant New York lens. Here, each dish is a story - a blend of tradition, health, and a commitment to compassionate living. This is where ancestral recipes meet a newfound purpose of nurturing both body and soul.

Every meal here is an act of giving and kindness. Romeo and Milka's journey reflects their dedication to transforming lives through food and hospitality. It's a place where community flourishes, where the ethos of care extends beyond the plate, offering a space for connection, healing, and the shared joy of a life enriched by plant-based nourishment. Ras is not just a restaurant; it's a manifestation of a family's love, resilience, and an unwavering belief in the power of food to change lives.


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