Restaurants by Joshua Smookler and Heidy He

Kenwood, CA


Golden Bear Station is an Italian American restaurant that offers a unique perspective through the lens from the owners of Animo and Mu Ramen.

Mu Ramen and Animo owners Joshua Smookler and Heidy He have received exceptional recognition, including a prestigious 2-star review from the New York Times in 2015. The New York Times also dubbed them as the best ramen in NYC, while Eater named them the best ramen in America in 2016. Animo, on the other hand, has been praised by the San Francisco Chronicle and recognized as one of Esquire's Best New Restaurant in America in 2022. Both restaurants have earned a place in the Michelin guide, with Mu Ramen being honored as a bib gourmand from the moment it opened until its closure, and Animo being acknowledged as a Michelin Guide restaurant. 

Golden Bear Station strives to encompass the essence of a local establishment and a haven for aficionados of wine and gastronomy. It serves as a gathering place where individuals flock to savor pizzas, pastas and seasonal delicacies. Drawing inspiration from the rich culinary traditions of Italy, Golden Bear Station blends the imaginative interpretations and distinctive ideals of both Joshua and Heidy, resulting in an unparalleled dining experience. 

The restaurant is located in a building that holds a rich history spanning over 90 years in Kenwood. Initially, the building served as a gas station alongside a bar called Golden Bear Service Station. in 2017, a comprehensive renovation was undertaken to modernize the building while paying upmost respect and gratitude to the Schuckler family, who have owned the property since its inception. Thus today the name Golden Bear Station is a tribute to the original neighborhood establishment.

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