Doki Doki Hospitality

Washington, DC


Doki Doki Hospitality is a renowned restaurant group that possesses an unwavering ardor for food, service, people, and community. It began in 2018 when Chef Kevin Tien introduced his inaugural restaurant, Himitsu, set in the charming neighborhood of Petworth in Washington DC. Since then, Doki Doki has flourished, presenting four unique concepts with the aid of remarkable partners: Judy Beltrano, Susan Bae, and Alan Vo.

Our ceaseless quest for growth and excellence drives us to continually refine and enhance our offerings in the realm of hospitality. Each restaurant under the Doki Doki umbrella is supported in various ways, enabling them to explore their creative boundaries while remaining interconnected as part of the larger Doki Doki family. This family shares a common set of core values and a collective vision for the pillars of food, service, people, and community.

Our commitment to providing the finest food and experience in the hospitality industry remains resolute. We believe in fostering a warm and welcoming environment for our guests, while simultaneously embracing the uniqueness of each concept within the Doki Doki portfolio. Our dedication extends beyond our restaurant doors as we actively support and engage with the local community, recognizing the integral role it plays in our success.

At Doki Doki Hospitality, our journey is characterized by an unrelenting pursuit of culinary innovation and exceptional service. With our passionate team, talented partners, and unwavering devotion to our core values, we are poised to continue setting the standard for excellence in the hospitality space.

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