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Upscale Casual

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Opened in December 2008, L’Artusi is named for Pellegrino Artusi, (1820-1911) and his self-published cookbook La Scienza in Cucina e L’Arte di Mangiare Bene (The Science of... Read more

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    New York, NY
  • Gregory Sherman
    New York, NY
  • Orazio Campoli
    Line Cook
    New York, New York
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  • Sous Chef

    Type: Full Time
    Min. Required Experience: 3 years
    Compensation: Salary ($68k - $72k)
  • Owner

    Kevin Garry

Hospitality Career Paths
Leaders who currently or have previously worked here
  • Anncherie Saludo
    Beverage Director
  • Jessica Craig
    Executive Pastry Chef/Chocolatier
    Lilia Restaurant
  • Joe Campanale
    Owner and Beverage Director
    Annona Wine, Fausto, LaLou & Bar Vinazo
Employees (57)
  • Ahmon Williams
    General Manager
    Dec 2008—Present
  • Sarah Ewald
    Executive Pastry Chef
    Aug 2011—Present
  • Rafael Lorenzo
    Food Runner
    Feb 2012—Present
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     Former (43)