Nico (OOHG)

Permanently Closed

Chicago, IL

Casual Dining

10 Employees on Culinary Agents


Located in the Thompson Hotel serving rustic seafood-focused Italian fare.

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Inspirational Career Timelines
Industry leaders who currently or have previously worked here
  • Donald Madia
    Owner and Partner
    One Off Hospitality Group
  • Leigh Omilinsky
    Pastry Chef
    Bellemore, Swift & Sons, Cold Storage Seafood
  • Erling Wu-Bower
    Ripe Fruit, Underscore Hospitality
Employees (10)
  • Rolando Rodriguez
    Prep Cook
    Dec 2014—Present
  • Daniel Goodale
    Sous Chef
  • Jamie Dunne
    Pastry Production Supervisor
  • Current (5) 
     Former (5)