Core Club

711 5th Ave. New York, NY 10022

Association, Boutique Hotel, Private / Social Club

51-100 Employees • 47 Employees on Culinary Agents

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CORE: is…
A community of global visionaries and a collection of architecturally interesting spaces infused with art and culture activated by extraordinary food & ... Read more

Followers (71)
  • Angelina Torres
    Private Chef
    Los Angeles, CA
  • Derrick Paez
    Executive Chef
    New York, New York
  • Brad Razvan
    Restaurant Manager
    Queens, NY
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Hospitality Career Paths
Leaders who currently or have previously worked here
  • Dan Kluger
    Chef and Owner
    Hardscrabble Hospitality
Employees (47)
  • Bernard Liberatore
    Executive Chef
    Jun 2010—Present
  • sean graham
    Line Cook
    Sep 2016—Present
    Line Cook
    Jan 2017—Present
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     Former (32)