Tab Volpe

Tab Volpe

Corporate Pastry Chef at Barbara Lynch Collective

I have learned a lot throughout my career. There are three lessons that have proven again and again to be the most important. The first is to stay ahead of your prep work at any costs. The second lesson is that there are no wrong questions; your coworkers are a well of helpful information. The final lesson is to be true to who you are and don't let others change you.

The best piece of advice I have received is to breathe. Everything will be ok, regardless of what’s going on, there will always be a solution.
My current job with the Barbara Lynch Collective at No. 9 Park has had the most significant impact on my career. My time here has unlocked my potential and allowed me to become the Chef I've aspired to be.
There is always room for work/life balance, and the only person that can answer the question of what allows you to have a healthy relationship with the industry is you. For me, the most useful tool has been running. I run as much as possible; it enables me to get away from everything, think, and disconnect.
The Coconut Religieuse currently on my menu is my favorite dessert. The flavors, textures, and presentation of the dish all work perfectly together.
An excellent understanding and mastery of basics, like knowing how to make a solid pastry cream, bake a pate choux from scratch, or how to properly frost a cake are the types of skills I look for when hiring. Never get away from the basics and always make everything from scratch.
Time management, multi-tasking, cleanliness, and being able to look at a prep list to determine the importance of each item and order they should be completed, are some of the essential skills that you will need in this industry.
I couldn’t do this job without an offset serrated knife... and coffee.
I’m not big into chasing the changing industry trends, or the “must use” ingredients. I like using big, bold flavors and taking chances on certain ingredients. RIght now I’m focusing on using more coffee in my desserts.
Two of my favorite books are the “Flavor Bible” by Karen A. Page and Andrew Dornenburg, and “Room for Dessert” by Will Goldfarb.

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