Peter Hoglund

Peter Hoglund

Director of Operations and Partner at Frasca Food and Wine

I am inspired to create meaningful and lasting experiences for my guests, as well as an employee culture of continual improvement, empowerment and respect by progressively challenging the ideals of what excellence is.

Leadership is a skill that is not confined to management. Individuals who possess strong leadership skills separate themselves quickly from those that just follow.
I find inspiration when I eat out at new places and travel to see new cultures. I also speak with fellow leaders in our industry who can offer perspective on how they run their organizations.
I need to have an ability to empathize with both my guests as well as my employees. My employees only can succeed if they feel empowered to grow, learn and take action. I regularly spend time with everyone of my employees to check-in, listen to what they have going on in their lives and offer constant feedback for growth. I need to have personal clarity in order to openly listen to them. Finding that work/life balance is essential to being more present for my guests and employees.
I find inspiration in the growth opportunities that our organization offers to our staff. As a result, our team is able to deliver a memorable experience to our guests.
Excellence is something that you strive for, knowing that the challenges you face along the way will ultimately shape the outcome. Embrace the difficult because it has more to offer.
I worked with restaurateur Gavin Fine in Jackson Hole to open his second restaurant, Q's Roadhouse, and his commitment to excellence was incredibly inspiring. He was dedicated to growing employees and promoting those that carried his brand with respect and pride.
Being present in the moment allows me the clarity to handle any issue.
I make myself available for constant feedback. It is important that my team knows that I work to make their lives better everyday. I can offer them perspective on their growth, their weaknesses and their potential. We guide education in-house through the study of wine, food, Italian culture and service, and provide guidance with outside organizations like the Court of Master Sommeliers. Our business is committed to the excitement and growth that education offers the individual. I also have a deep belief that staging is important to the rounding of perspective that we all must have in our industry.
I look for humble, confident, ambitious and conscientious individuals looking to push their careers forward. I am always interested in what individuals commit to in their personal time - are they studying wine outside the restaurant, are they traveling to see new dining cultures, what books have they read recently?
Being challenged to grow is necessary to succeed.

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