Kim Floresca

Kim Floresca

VP Culinary for Goop Kitchen, and Private Chef

Love who you love, and do what you do, but you have to love what you do to do what you love.

If you focus on what is in front of you, and do it well, everything begins to fall into place. Work hard and see what is around you to learn how you can grow.
I chose this industry after watching the old school cooking programs and The Food Network: Molto Mario, Great Chefs, Great Cities, and Reading Rainbow, when they would visit food productions. These shows gave me a lot of information into a world that Chefs can create. They gave me insight into chefs' kitchens, preparations, and reasoning behind why they do what they do.
Work hard and keep a journal. It will help you remember not only recipes but also stories of the life you are building. It makes for a great scrap book as well.
'Cooking by Hand', 'The French Laundry Cookbook', 'Clorafilla', 'Makeup', and 'Michel Bras' are a few of the books I feel an aspiring professional in this industry cannot live without.
Attitude sometimes comes before skill. I would rather hire someone with a positive attitude and willingness to learn over someone who is very skilled but becomes cancerous to our team.
To keep the team motivated and inspired, we take field trips and do a lot of food trivia. We all learn something! We take trips to our purveyor farms: Border Springs for their Lamb (Craig Rodgers) , foraging with a local forager, cheese makers at Chapel Hill Creamery, true Carolina BBQ at Skylight Inn, to name a few.
Early on in my career, I learned that this is hard work. Focus on what's in front of you but continue to look ahead. Everything will be ok.
Several mentors have offered me advice that I've carried into my career: Chistopher Kostow, "Love to eat food, then talk about it."; Jonathan Benno, "Work hard, smart, and stay focused"; Albert & Ferran Adria, "No one will ever understand you. They can try but they could never come close."; Thomas Keller, "It's all about finesse."

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