Kevin Doherty

Kevin Doherty

Director of Food and Beverage for Sportservice for Delaware North

Competition against a set of standards makes us better chefs, especially under the watchful eye of Chef Roland Henin CMC. Not only have I been able to sharpen my skills through various competitions at the local and international levels, but I've gained confidence in the kitchen.

You cannot listen if you are talking. “Yes, chef” is the only answer that matters.
The most important thing I learned on my first job was that hard work builds a backbone and teaches you the fundamentals.
My mentors’ advice has served as inspiration. “If you work hard, it will someday pay off. Short cuts do not exist.”
Roland Henin CMC taught me personal integrity and the true passion for cooking. He has helped bring out these qualities in me. He forces you to see what your full potential is. I wish I could have met him 20 years ago! William Coyne CEC taught me respect, understanding, and fairness.
My Grandfather, a baker, was my first mentor. He put in hard work and long hours in a hot bakery every day. As a result of that hard work, he learned a great life skill that he truly enjoyed.
My parents gave me the best career advice - “Whatever you do for work, love it and it will not feel like work.”
Setting goals has kept me motivated during those tough times. I set 3, 5 and 10 year goals.
Years of practice led to an opportunity to cook at the Culinary Olympics and see what the best in the world have to offer. It was such an honor. I thought to myself, “Wow, I am really here?” Receiving a medal at the end was the start of a new culinary journey that continues to inspire me.

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