Jessica Nowicki

Jessica Nowicki

Former Chef de Cuisine at Safta

What keeps me motivated in my job is that we create experiences and put smiles on people’s faces by cooking beautiful food. Being able to lead a team that supports each other like a family is an amazing feeling.

The top things I look for in a candidate are a clean person and an open mind. We want to have good people who respect each other and respect the food.
I’m open to hiring people with limited experience – of course, you need to have some restaurant experience, possess knife skills, be organized and detail-oriented; but being passionate about the cuisine we are doing is also important.
My former chef Carrie Nahabedian at Naha & Brindille gave me two pieces of important advice: “Cook beautiful food." and "Dedication, passion and being reliable will get you a long way.”
I couldn’t do this job without my support system: whether it’s my partner, my family or my colleagues, we all support each other constantly.
At Pomegranate Hospitality, we want to empower people and help them hit their career goals. Longevity for our employees is highly important, we want people to be happy when they come to work. We treat everyone equally and value everyone's opinion with open-mindedness.
I knew I wanted the job at Safta, so I put everything that I could into it: I prepared a seven course tasting menu with a wine pairing. Whenever you want something, you have to give it your all.
Traveling fuels my inspiration. I just went on a three month-long trip to Spain and Portugal. I’ve worked with chefs from different origins (Armenian, Greek) so I carry these influences with me in my cuisine.

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