Fabio Trabocchi

Fabio Trabocchi

Fundamentally we are in the business of creating memories, and those are not only about food, but about an entire experience. Our inspiration comes from our mission to make our guests’ experience the best possible. Our food and drink must delight, of course, but we must also provide a level of service that intuits and interprets our guests’ even unspoken desires.

Beyond passion; dedication, focus, and drive are among the most important factors in our industry. Have a plan for yourself – hourly, daily, weekly, etc. Set goals and timelines, and have the drive and determination to follow through on those day after day.
I instill in young professionals I'm coaching or mentoring to never leave things for tomorrow that could be done today - always keep pushing yourself and the business. Every day I try to prove to myself that I have done something better. Falling into the ‘comfort zone’ is the death sentence of a restaurant.
It’s a tremendous privilege to now be in a position to create leadership opportunities for our teams at the restaurants. We work hard to create and maintain a culture of leadership, ownership and excellence. I push my team to think and act like owners, in every decision they make.
I learned early on that work ethic is in the Trabocchi DNA.
New cooks should read Daniel Boulud’s "Letters to a Young Chef." There also are three books that I always give to new managers: Danny Meyer’s "Setting the Table," Joe Bastianich’s "Restaurant Man," and "The Seven Deadly Sins of Leadership" by Cameron Morrissey.
I am in the kitchen or in one of the restaurants all the time. Immediate action and immediate response are essential, and I’m in constant communication with my team at all of my restaurants. I am rarely at my desk, so everyone knows they can reach me on my cell phone at any time.
My biggest mentor and role model is my father, Giuseppe Trabocchi, whose love for food inspired my passion for cooking. There are other professional mentors that I’ve had along the way, and I’ve absorbed different things from them…. Italian chefs such as Mauro Uliassi and Gualtiero Marchesi, and business operators like Steve Hanson. Working for Gualtiero Marchesi was hugely influential in my development as a chef. Working for Steve Hanson showed me the drive and attention to detail necessary to run multiple restaurants.

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