10 Arts Bistro and Lounge

10 S Broad St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

New American, Vegan / Vegetarian

Upscale Casual

8 Employees on Culinary Agents


(215) 523-8273

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      Inspirational Career Timelines
      Industry leaders who currently or have previously worked here
      • Jennifer Carroll
        Chef and Owner
        Spice Finch
      • Monica Glass
        Corporate Pastry Chef
        Constellation Culinary Group
      Employees (8)
      • Delvon Richards
        Host / Hostess
        Dec 2015—Jan 2016
      • Anthony Gargano
        Chef de Partie
        Aug 2015—Dec 2015
      • Zachary Tallarico
        Line Cook
        Nov 2014—Sep 2015
      • Former (8)