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The name Becco is derived from the Italian verb, beccare, which means to peck, nibble, or savor something in a discriminating way.
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  • Daniele Volpi
    Executive Chef
    San Francisco, CA
  • Dave Caplan

    Las Vegas
  • Zachary Jacobs
    lounge server food runner
    Brooklyn, NY
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Open (2)
  • Floor Manager

    Type: Full Time
    Min. Required Experience: 1 year
    Compensation: Hourly (Based on Experience)
  • Busser

    Type: Full Time
    Min. Required Experience: 0-1 years
    Compensation: Hourly (Based on Experience)
Employees (25)
  • James Brigman
    General Manager
    Jan 2009—Present
  • William Gallagher
    Executive Chef
    Jan 2010—Present
  • Zachary Nading
    Administrative Assistant
    Oct 2011—Present
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