B&B Ristorante

Permanently Closed

3355 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV, United States

Fine Dining

40 Employees on Culinary Agents


Featuring a blend of exquisite Italian food and a casual elegance that captures the soul of an Italian grandmother dancing the tango with pop rock hipsters...

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Followers (95)
  • Melissa Gisler
    Sommelier / Consultant
    San Francisco, CA
  • Daniele Volpi
    Executive Chef
    San Francisco, CA
  • Scott Koya
    Line Cook
    Las Vegas, NV
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      Leaders who currently or have previously worked here
      • Katianna Hong
        Yangban Society
      • Jason Neve
        Oak Spring Garden Foundation
      Employees (40)
      • Caleb Villanueva
        Line Cook
        Jan 2014—Present
      • Lara Stefani
        Restaurant Manager
        Apr 2014—Present
      • Jeremy Himmel
        May 2014—Present
      • Current (6) 
         Former (34)