Illinois State University

100 North University Street, Normal, IL, United States

College / University - Degree Program

19 Employees on Culinary Agents


(309) 438-2181

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Students (12)
  • Alice Roseman
    Line Cook
    Chicago, IL
  • Veronica Pomogaeva
    Chicago, IL
  • Aaron Shafer
    Art Studio Assistant
    Chicago, IL
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Alumni (333)
  • Nora McKirdie
    Oak Lawn, IL
  • Luke Rosenzweig
    Chicago, IL
  • Maria Vainisi
    Events Meeting Manager
    Chicago, IL
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      Hospitality Career Paths
      Leaders who are alumni or have worked here
      • Wesley Conger
        Director of Operations
        BOKA Restaurant Group
      Employees (19)
      • Victoria Koenig
        Brand Ambassador
        Sep 2021—May 2023
      • Andrea Garza
        Group Fitness Instructor
        Nov 2021—May 2023
      • Dion James
        Front Desk Manager
        Aug 2018—Dec 2022
      • Former (19)