Marlow & Sons

81 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY, United States

Farm To Table

Upscale Casual

50 Employees on Culinary Agents


Marlow & Sons is part of The Marlow Collective, a group of Brooklyn food businesses including the restaurants Diner, Roman's, and Achilles Heel, the butcher and grocery... Read more

Followers (23)
  • Alexander Krestin
    "The way you make an omelet reveals your character." -Anthony Bourdain
    Long Beach, CA
  • James Louis Serra
    Hospitality Professional
    Palm Beach, Florida
  • Justin Wusinich
    Corporate Sales Manager
    New York, NY
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Employees (50)
  • Megan Niggle
    HR Director
    Jun 2009—Present
  • James O'Boyle
    Operations Manager
    Jun 2011—Present
  • Calla Johnson
    Assistant Restaurant Manager
    Feb 2014—Present
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     Former (40)