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Ithaca, NY, United States

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35 Employees on Culinary Agents


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Students (11)
  • Gabrielle Ayoub
    Operations Consultant
    New York, NY
  • Ruby Rosenthal
    Research Intern
    Santa Monica, CA
  • Julie Weiner
    Retail Associate / Cashier
    New York, NY
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Alumni (387)
  • James Coleman
    Service Manager
    Philadelphia, PA
  • Rick Margaritov
    Principal Consultant | Director of F&B Operations
    Nashville, TN
  • James Fairbrother
    Assc. Director of Brand Strategy and Operations
    New York, NY
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Followers (15)
  • Susan Atvell

    Rochester, New York Area
  • Susan Atvell

    Rochester, New York Area
  • Jon James

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Jobs for Students & Alumni (136)
Hospitality Career Paths
Leaders who are alumni or have worked here
  • Will Guidara
    Restaurateur & Author
    "Unreasonable Hospitality"
  • David Schneider
    Director of Operations
  • Aria Dorsey
    foBT Hospitality
Employees (35)
  • Sara Kim
    Culinary Instructor
    Sep 2010—Present
  • Earl Mills
    Merchandise Marketing
    Nov 2014—Present
  • Sambhavi Vempati
    MMH Student
    May 2015—Present
  • Current (10) 
     Former (25)