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Johnson & Wales University, 7150 E Montview Blvd, Denver, CO 80220, USA

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All of JWU Denver’s programs combine the craft and art of cooking with science and nutrition, management skills, global citizenship and a variety of work experience opportunities that will set you apart from the competition.

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Students (0)
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Alumni (255)
  • Daniel Beal
    Sous Chef

  • Michelle Kear
    Pastry Chef / Kitchen Manager
    Denver, CO
  • Jason Ready
    Assistant General Manager, Lead Server, Bartender
    Denver, CO
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Followers (14)
  • Rose Robinson
    Human Resources
    Denver, CO
  • Naomi Honig McCormick
    Human Resources
    Boulder, CO
  • One Luv Hull
    Pastry Cook
    Denver, CO
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      Hospitality Career Paths
      Leaders who are alumni or have worked here
      • Heeji Kim
        General Manager
        Sắp Sửa
      • Chase Voelz
        Chef de Cuisine
      • Leigh Omilinsky
        Chef Partner
      Employees (7)
      • Zackariah Giusti
        Teachers Assistant
        May 2015—Present
      • Samantha Adams
        Pastry Chef Instructor
        Apr 2018—May 2021
      • Ashley Matsuda
        Culinary Storeroom Assistant
        Sep 2018—Feb 2019
      • Current (1) 
         Former (6)