Utopian Tailgate

1610 N Wells St, Old Town, Chicago, IL

American, Grill

Bar / Lounge

101-200 Employees • 16 Employees on Culinary Agents

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10,000 square foot rooftop perched over North & Wells above Second City.

With a psychedelic and Utopian vibe, this is the tailgate to end all tailgates.

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  • Bryson Ryan
    Chicago, Illinois
  • Jacqueline Borrego
    Norfolk, VA
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    Chicago, IL
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  • General Manager

    Type: Full Time
    Min. Required Experience: 4 years
    Compensation: Salary ($90k - $100k)
  • Operating Partner

    John Aldape

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  • Scott Weiner
    Fifty/50 Management Group, Inc