WS New York at Hudson Yards

37 Hudson Yards New York, NY 10001, United States

New American

Fine Dining

26-50 Employees • 30 Employees on Culinary Agents

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Located in the heart of New York’s newest neighborhood
Hudson Yards, WS New York creates unparalleled access to the finest wine and spirits, world-class dining, and o... Read more

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  • Mikki Buñag
    Sous Chef
    San Mateo, CA
  • Luke Williams

  • Samantha Anglon
    Pastry Cook
    New York, NY
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  • Pastry Chef

    Stephen Collucci

Employees (30)
  • Paola Torres-Alas
    Pastry Sous Chef
  • Stephen Collucci
    Executive Pastry Chef
    Jun 2019—Present
  • Jessica Sands
    Maitre D
    Oct 2019—Present
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