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Students (75)
  • Anna Metelina
    Queens, NY
  • Kevin Morocho
    Personal Stylist Assistant/ Freelancing
    Ridgewood, Queens, NY
  • Marissa Rodriguez

    Brooklyn, NY
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Alumni (264)
  • Niko Santos
    Food and Beverage Manager
    Brooklyn, NY
  • Taylor Manscuk
    Junior Product Manager
    Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
  • Sophie Jardine
    Restaurant Supervisor
    New York, NY
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Followers (1)
  • Amy Javier
    Host / Hostess
    New York, NY
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Jobs for Students & Alumni (1)
  • Host
    STARR Restaurants - New York City
    New York, NY

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      Employees (11)
      • Johnny Ng
        Academic Tutor
        Sep 2013—Present
      • Yasmeen El
        Apr 2016—Present
      • River Rodriguez
        Orientation Leader
        Aug 2016—Present
      • Current (6) 
         Former (5)