Zorica Vukovic

Zorica Vukovic

Director of Operations & Hospitality at The Group NYC

Passion, involvement, commitment and integrity are critical for personal growth and career success, everything else is just a helpful skill to achieve better results faster. When we’re committed to the job, and passionate about it – even if we have less experience in the field, it won’t matter because we will learn fast, and grow fast. On the other note, experience without proper involvement, commitment and passion will not lead us far.

“Trust doesn’t exclude control.” Trusting the team to do the work and giving them freedom is super important. However, checking on their work is important as well. That doesn’t mean micromanaging them, but rather assuring everything is done within the standards and in the timely manner.
“Practice makes progress.” Consistency is a form of practice, not an end goal. Consistency is not just making something the same, but making it better every day.
Personality and company culture fit are a deal maker or breaker. No one is perfect or meets 100% what we look for, but finding candidate skills that are going to add value more than described in the job description for the role is a good match.
Skills such as self-motivated, passion in the position, creativity, solution-oriented and emotional intelligence are among the most important skills that a candidate can have.
Hospitality itself inspires me to continue to work and excel in this industry. Restaurants are not places to eat only. In today's society, surrounded with virtual social connections mostly, they are places where people practice a real social life, where people "celebrate life". Being surrounded with happy people (guests) enjoying social life is my main drive and love for hospitality.
For female leaders, high emotional intelligence is key. Additionally, I find that women are very versatile, we are able to wear many hats effortlessly.
Traveling – short trips whenever I get a chance to escape, help me to avoid burnout.

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