Taylor Crowley

Taylor Crowley

Chief Marketing Officer at Boka Restaurant Group

Hospitality is an addiction. I love working with the people in this industry and the day-to-day challenges of my job. No two days are ever the same. I love that it is fast-paced and that I am surrounded by people who are continually trying to find ways to create the best experience possible for our guests.

I've excelled by maintaining a relentless work ethic – never resting on my laurels and truly creating great relationships with those inside and outside the companies I have worked for. Although Chicago is a big city, the hospitality industry feels like a small town. Everyone knows each other. My reputation is incredibly important to me and I ensure those I work or interact with are always treated with the highest level of respect.
I tend to keep a close pulse on everyone without micromanaging. I let my team bring ideas to the table and support their successes and failures. When I have the opportunity to attend networking events or skill workshops, I always try to include a member of my team so they can continue to grow and educate themselves.
My mom’s advice “Strength admires strength” has stuck with me over time and she still tells me this constantly. It goes along with the idea of "manage your client, don't let your client manage you”. To me, hospitality does not mean just giving people whatever they want, but creating wonderful experiences for people while maintaining your integrity.
I would not be able to do my job without my team, my boss, and my MacBook!
A positive attitude and great energy speak more to me than accomplishments on a resume. Those who work hard and truly put in the extra effort to excel definitely stand out.
At the Four Seasons, I was an assistant for about 4 years before I was promoted to a manager position. At the time, I thought I knew everything and was frustrated that my career was not progressing more quickly. Looking back, I realize that this was the absolute best training I could have had. My director taught me everything, including how to manage like she managed. By the time I was promoted, I was the most highly-skilled assistant within my team and was able to transition seamlessly to a management role.
I couldn't do it this job without my family. I have two small daughters and I'm incredibly proud to be a working mom. I hope that I can inspire them to work hard for their dreams and show them that as a woman, it is absolutely possible to maintain both a personal and a professional life.
“Know your enemies” – my first director was a big fan of Sun Tzu’s 'The Art of War’. I truly took this to heart by doing my best to know and understand those around me, be them friend or foe. Although in hospitality, “enemy” is not quite the right word, it is always important to know and understand things from all sides.
I continue to network and learn from those around me. When different workshops are offered, even if they are not directly aligned to my position, I still try to attend. The more you know about your industry, even if it is not directly applicable to your day to day, it will still help you to be a more well-rounded and informed manager.

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