Sara Fetbroth

Sara Fetbroth

Hospitality Consultant in Boston, MA

I truly believe hospitality can change the world. If everyone’s goal was to be other-centered and take care of each other, imagine how happy and healthy life would be! Food, the table, and hospitality are the most universal of languages, so what better environment to spread the love?

Connect to stories. The hospitality industry boils down to relationships and people. While there is so much technical knowledge, everything comes with a story. Learning others’ stories inspires me to figure out what I connect most with and what I want my own story to be.
All you can control is your inner attitude. You can’t control people, but you can control yourself. You can control how you see the world and your reaction to others. Be the positive light. Be honest with others and yourself. Be the happiness.
Breathe. Patience is truly a virtue when working in an industry of people. Every day I have to pick my battles, forgo being right, and decide what is truly important. Staying calm makes everything easier.
Never stop learning. The moment you think you’ve got it all figured out, humility has a way of teaching you a hard lesson. There is so much to learn, why would you ever want to stop?
Be nice; kindness can take you further than you think!
Lead by example. It’s one of the oldest sayings in the book, but it’s for a good reason. Don’t expect anyone to follow you if you don’t walk the talk.

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