Rachel Wong

Rachel Wong

General Manager of Food & Beverage at Nine Orchard (Mattos Hospitality)

To me, being a leader in this industry is setting an example to inspire others to follow. Pay close attention to those who look up to you and want direction and mentorship because that's an opportunity to invest in someone. Be there to support and advocate for those you also believe in.

What inspires me to continue to work in the hospitality industry is the fact that our job is to take care of people. It allows us to find opportunities to elevate and create memorable dining experiences for others. It's a great feeling to have knowing that you took part in brightening someone's day.
Be confident! People value your thoughts and opinions, so speak up and voice yourself.
When it comes to hiring, I look for candidates who are genuinely excited about the company and the job. Those who took the time to do research and come prepared with questions tell me that they want to be there. Also it's important to find those who are eager to learn and looking to grow. It allows me as a manager to be able to invest time in an employee who is open to feedback.
It's important to stay up to date on restaurant reviews, from publications such as the New York Times. Some books that I love include: "Start with Why" by Simon Sinek, "The Third Plate" by Dan Barber, "Grit" by Angela Duckworth, and "Setting the Table" by Danny Meyer.
Take a moment to check in with your team! Allocate time for meaningful conversations on topics such as opportunities for growth. It's equally as important to listen to any concerns or feedback that someone may have and it's your job to take action to correct or improve the situation.
Being able to take time out of my day to connect with friends and family has really helped me be more grounded. Take advantage of a day off to refocus on yourself and do things that bring you joy.
To avoid burnout, make sure that you don’t spend too much time on your days off catching up on work. It’s important to recognize that sometimes you can’t do everything and when your teammates ask if they can do anything to help, say yes!

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