Phil Barnes

Phil Barnes

Executive Chef for The King's Kitchen

The best piece of advice I have received was from an old French chef who would always say, “Don’t worry about the music, just dance!” I took that to mean whatever chaotic crazy stuff is going on in the kitchen, just continue to follow your instincts and you will get through it.

Maintaining a healthy work/life balance can be difficult. For me, hobbies and finding ways to separate the stresses of work from a peaceful home life with family and friends can be helpful. I try to workout, do yoga, travel near and far, always make time with my girlfriend, and relax!
I keep my team inspired and motivated by allowing them to have a say in some operational procedures, specials, and on what to order from our local purveyors. I’ve also have created mini-classes, where we cover topics like cutting, butchery, and sauce making. These classes provide opportunities for the younger team members to learn and act as a refresher for more experienced staff.
My current job working at The King's Kitchen has had the greatest impact on my career. Being able to help mentor some of the people in our work program has been so rewarding.
The most important skills to possess are patience, understanding, and the ability to balance the different aspects of your job. It is also important, as Chef, to know all of the different sides of the business, whether it is the people, food, or operations of the restaurant.

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