Nicholas Tang

Nicholas Tang

Advisory Council for for C-CAP, Private Chef and Nutritional Coach at Precision Nutrition

I love learning about different ingredients and cuisines around the world. When I travel, I always seek out the markets and food that the locals eat. After all, food is the international language.

Passing on my knowledge of what I have learned throughout my career to my team and seeing them grow into leaders, is what inspires me most about what I do.
"If it isn’t right, fix it, immediately!"
My externship at Gidleigh Park in England had a significant impact on my career. I was amazed by the ingredients that were delivered to us daily: venison that was shot by the farmer next to the restaurant, day boat fish from Plymouth or Exmouth, and the vegetables from the farms down the road. It was one of my first experiences with ‘local produce’ and how you cook with the seasons.
Multitasking is a skill that you must be able to master. The kitchen and restaurant is a busy place, there are so many moving parts, and you need to know what’s happening an be able to react and come up with solutions to different situations on the fly.
I like to keep my team on their toes. Once you settle into a comfort zone, you are no longer progressing. You always need to find new and efficient ways to do things.
When hiring, I look for cooks who have the dedication and the willingness to learn. As a young cook, you need to be willing to get up and go into work early to see how each different part of the restaurant operates; see what the baker or pastry chef is making and learn how the butcher cleans fish or breaks down whole animals. Once your shift starts, you won't have time to learn these skills, so you need to sacrifice some sleep to build your culinary knowledge.
I have a cup of hot tea the moment I step into the kitchen. It signals the start of the day!

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