Melanie Tapp

Melanie Tapp

Chief Operating Officer at Please & Thank You

I do the best job that I can, no matter my gender. Given the current climate, I have begun to embrace the fact that as a female leader, I not only can be a mentor to women in the industry, but I also will not be a passive bystander to any inappropriate or unwelcome behaviors. I’m proud to be one of many strong female leaders in my company and we will continue to support and grow more leaders every day.

Educating and inspiring our teams is one of the most important parts of our job. Finding out what inspires everyone on your team can be as easy as just asking. The difficult part lies in listening and continuing to engage them in what they are passionate about.
When looking for a leader, I try to find someone with passion for the industry, the ability to take what they do seriously but not take themselves too seriously and a sense of responsibility. I can teach you how to do the job, but I can’t teach you to bear the burden of responsibility or how to have passion and a great attitude.
For a while after college, I tried to get away from restaurants and hospitality. I tried my hand at teaching, selling cars, selling wine & spirits. But once I realized that hospitality is what truly drives me and that it could be a career and not just a job, I was hooked back in and haven’t looked back since.
Getting to work with people that I truly enjoy is what keeps me in this industry and 21c Museum Hotels. Our mantra here is #getbettereveryday: as long as we all continue to learn, grow and get better, I don’t plan to go anywhere. I genuinely want everyone I work with to succeed and that drives what I do every day.
I could not live without my calendar application. It helps me stay on track with my day: where I need to be, who I need to talk to, when. Overseeing six properties and working on three more at any given time can be stressful and exciting. Staying organized is how I can keep it exciting rather than stressful.
One of my mentors taught me that “my advice is not as good as I think it is”. That has stuck with me when I am working with anyone on our team. I constantly need to remind myself to challenge them to think about the solution. Providing the answer for them will never help them grow. Helping people turn into leaders is much more satisfying than having the answer.
For me, inspiration can come from anywhere: whether it is an incredible dining experience, a song or a piece of art that moves me, a funny joke, solving a puzzle… As long as I can continue to be inspired by so much around me, I know that I will never feel stagnant and can share that inspiration with others.

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