Matthew McClure

Matthew McClure

So many things motivate me: building relationships with farmers, working with the beautiful food grown in Arkansas and cultivating cooks to become chefs both in my kitchen as well as through classes that I have taught.

Our food philosophy requires us to constantly evolve the menu. Celebrating the seasons pushes us to utilize fruits and vegetables at their peak ripeness and flavor. This format insists that we create new dishes often, and it keeps the team on their toes and interested. Anytime I feel like the team is a little too comfortable, we change the menu.
When you are the chef, the culinary team is always watching you: they will emulate you, both good habits and bad. Set the example that you would like the next generation to be.
I always look for a good attitude and work ethic. These folks require more of my time on the front end but yield great results long term.
Barbara Lynch taught me the importance of finesse. When working with food, it is important to have a soft touch.
Keith Pooler was very creative. He always used different flavor combinations that were fun and delicious. It was inspiring to learn that it was okay to color outside the lines.
Take care of your team and they will take care of the guests.
I love Tasting Table and Chefs Steps for online education. These days, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are great venues to learn from peers.
From a young age, I always had an interest in food. Initially, I was drawn to the energy of a busy service. This has evolved into learning proper technique, refinement, and sourcing the best ingredients while working with a professional culinary team.
All the kitchens that I spent time in are a piece of who I am. I think there is an equal value in learning what "to do" as well as what "not to do".
Scott Hebert's technique was dial in. I learned more about refined cooking technique from him, I loved his food.

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