Marie Petulla

Marie Petulla

Director Of Operations of Trejo's Tacos

Always surround yourself with passionate, motivated and challenging people.

My advice is: always make your self uncomfortable. Seeking out discomfort means you are seeking out new experiences and challenging the ways you "always" do things. I find inspiration in creating this space for myself and it motivates me to be better.
My biggest source of inspiration is my staff. They push me to become a better employer and communicator. I never want to be surrounded by people who always agree with me. I want my team to share my vision, but I also want them to challenge me on the best possible route to achieve that vision.
Having women in management, behind the bar and in the kitchen creates a different voice. It shakes things up, all while providing a space for diversity and a dialog for change. This is the reality and it is up to us to set the bar higher. It is up to us to demand that our male colleagues and business partners recognize the amazing attributes woman bring to this business. I am proud to have some of the most talented and amazing woman working with me. They challenge and push me to become a better leader and role model.
Skills that are important for success, as are adaptability and listening. Every restaurant is a living, breathing organism. You have to be able to adapt to the idiosyncrasies of each space, team dynamic, neighborhood and your guests.
I am constantly analyzing myself and my company; trying to figure out what I can do differently and how can I make my restaurants hospitable and sustainable for members of my team. I know I have to always also have to create an equal playing field for woman. This analysis becomes a part of our efficiency like food cost, labor cost, sourcing sustainable ingredients and creating new dishes.
Our company ethos is Hospitality, Sustainability, and Community. These concepts encompass every aspect of our company, from the type of ingredients we source, the environment in which we created for our guests, to the attitude we strive to embody as leaders and role models.
I was fortunate enough to work with Natasha Case, Co-Founder and CEO of Coolhaus, as her Director of Operations for a little under year. She is the powerful mind and creative behind the Coolhaus brand. She introduced me to a world of Social Media and Marketing that challenged and changed my views on the integral role it plays in brand development. She taught me how to push boundaries and look out side of the box. I have become a more powerful ambassador of my brand because of her vision, and I am forever grateful!

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