Jennifer Leuzzi

Jennifer Leuzzi

Host & Producer of Tech Bites and Freelance Creative Director & Journalist

The idea of having a work-life balance has become a stress point of its own. In addition to stress about success on the job, people judge themselves on whether their time away from work is productive and optimized. I’m not even sure what work-life balance means precisely. I think it is essential to feel good in your mind and body and that those things are balanced. If your job requires a considerable energy output, then making sure your rest and recovery time match is essential. After you have that balance, do the things that make you happy with the time left over, ideally something creative, something physical and something social.

I search for the best and most talented people and hope they will teach and coach me. Always strive to work with the most knowledgable people you can access.
Generosity is how I keep my team inspired and motivated. The act of sharing brings people together and puts them on the same level. If you share your ideas and inspirations, challenges and success, time and energy, that will come back to you. If you give people the opportunity to learn and prioritize themselves, they will be better individually, which will make you stronger as a collective force.
In many instances, it wasn't that I knew the profession was right for me, but someone else who knew I was right for the profession. I’ve had many opportunities where someone offered me a job I would not have considered because they thought I had an ability or instinct that would make me successful. Taking advantage of opportunities given to me and taking risks have been driving forces in my work life.
In the business world, it's often said that people do not hire or invest in a company, but they invest in individuals. Skills are important, but most skills can be learned to a certain level. A person’s attitude, work ethic, and energy are not things you can change. I look for people who are professional in every way, have an attention and awareness of details, and intelligence with a desire to learn and grow. People who think they are the best and have nothing to gain, typically have already been left behind.
I find inspiration all around me, from my husband, family, and friends. From the news, media, books, museums, travel, and restaurants. The key to being inspired is to be open to it and let things move you. If you are disinterested and feel there is nothing the world can give you, you will never be inspired.

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