Jasmine Crowe

Jasmine Crowe

Founder and Owner of Goodr

If I’ve learned one thing throughout my career it’s that nothing happens alone. Your team is paramount to your success so surround yourself with winners. 

Plan your work and then work your plan. My dad always used to tell me to never leave without an understanding. I used to think it applied just to my classes in school, but as I’ve grown older I’ve carried that with me.
I spent four months volunteering as an intake coordinator at a local homeless shelter. Those months changed my life forever, taught me a great deal about humility, hunger, compassion and the lives of those I hoped to one day serve.
I knew this profession was my calling the first day that I ever stood outside to feed people in need. That moment of impact shaped me and ordered all of my steps to follow. 

It’s very hard to maintain a healthy work/life balance. I try my best by scheduling me time and making room for a lot of self-care. I even take off time to volunteer and have days scheduled to do absolutely nothing.
As I work in the field of social impact in the space of hunger I look for people who have a will to win attitude. I know that the work we’re doing is hard and can be draining so it’s my hope that people that I hire bring the same passion to solve the problem that I do.

Humility, patience, perseverance and being forward thinking are some of the skills that I think are critical to possess in this role.

At Goodr we have monthly sessions including Goodr “Culture Talks” and Goodr School. I use this time to circle back to our why and our mission around food waste and hunger, plus connect to the team and make sure they are still motivated. 

I am inspired and driven by the need to solve a massive problem. When I think about the fact that millions of people don’t know where their next meal is coming from it gives me everything I need to be inspired to keep doing the work. 

I find inspiration from female founders who were often underestimated, but went on to create amazing companies and experience success. It reminds me that anything I can imagine – but more importantly work for – I can obtain. 

I ask for advice from mentors and I read a lot. I am open to allowing others to know my struggles and always open to learning from real-life experiences. 

The one thing I can't do my job without is Food (lol) – it’s paramount to solving hunger and don’t only do we need it to get the job done – I personally know I can’t live without it myself. 

I enjoy leadership books, especially about building teams. Some of my recent favorites have been “Good to Great” and “Blue Ocean Strategy.” I also love blogs and magazines like Inc., Fast Co. and more. 

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